Monday, January 21, 2008

The Must-Read of the Year

I love sharing finds and ideas with my friends. It occured to me recently that I shouldn't be so selfish and that I need to share with "all" people as in: "It's important to all people". I adore movie and television quotes so I'll be using a lot of them. If you can figure them out on your own, then you and I are probably very simpatico.

Okay, on to the meat of my blog, stuff. I love stuff. I know it is completely dangerous to admit such a thing now. I might as well yell from the rooftops that I like smog, landfills, eating animals and child labor. By the way I do like one of those things. You can do your best to figure out that mystery. Here's a hint, my children are terrible workers. Anyway, I love the latest and greatest new thing. When I own something that is suddenly outdated by the launch of something better I suddenly despise the aforementioned "old" thing and obsess and pine away for the new thing. I rarely get my hands on the new thing until the price has dropped and it becomes available for the masses. But when I DO get it, I devour it. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I become an expert and a total know-it-all. I am your go to girl!

My latest obsession is with children's clothes. I'm so tired of the same ole stuff. You go to every "chain" type of store and everything looks exactly like the last place you went with just a few minor changes. Argh!! I can't sew, I'm not a clothing designer so how do I find things that make my child look unique without spending celebrity prices? Hallelujah! I have finally found a couple of go-to places that I can rely on for better choices and some individuality. Enter the PolkaDotPatch. This is a children's boutique tucked away in some faraway land they call Vermont. It has the cutest, brightest, most fun clothing ever. I just bought my daughter this awesome sock monkey shirt that is to die for!!