Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jack is a sweet "sensi".

For those of you who aren't "Scrubs" fans, a sensi is a sensitive fellow. My little guy Jack is one of those. He has the sweetest, most empathetic heart of anyone I know. Last night as we were beginning our annual ritual of watching Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin", we were commenting on the fabulous old-school costumes Charles Schultz' characters wore which were mostly sheets with eye holes cut out. John remarked that that was exactly the costume he was wearing when some older kids stole his candy. I was remarking about poor sad little boy John when I noticed Jack who was cuddled on my lap covering his eyes and his quivering jaw. When he could hold it in no more he melted in distressed tears for his Daddy's candy loss as a little boy. Both John and I tried to comfort him and remind him that it had happened about 35 years ago. He could not be consoled. His little heart was broken. The only thing I could do to perk him up was to offer to take him to my room and watch The Great Pumpkin together cuddled together. Jack is a little cuddle bunny and adores snuggling with his family. I couldn't ask for a sweeter boy.

This incident reminded me of a similar one where John was talking about his Dad who died before I met John. John was saying how much he wished his Dad could meet his family. We looked over at Jack as he began making soft crying sounds. He sat there and mourned his Dad's Father's death. He was devastated imagining his own Daddy not having a Dad alive. He was so annihilated with sorrow for a man he had never met.