Thursday, November 6, 2008

I heart my Kindle has created the most genius way to read books, newspapers, blogs and even your own word documents. I remember when the Kindle first debuted over a year ago. I was curious if I'd ever be interested in something to replace a book. I mean I'm a pretty hardcore reader so I couldn't fathom not actually holding a book in hand. I heard some great things about the Kindle and my brother-in-law Ty was sure they were going to be all the rage. Now a year later I have one in my hot little hand and I LOVE IT!! It is like an iPod for books. There are so many cool things you can do on the Kindle. The screen is so easy to read and isn't like a laptop in the way that you have to tilt it just so. It looks just like a page on a book. It is so lightweight and is so incredibly user friendly. Books download to the Kindle in 60 seconds or less. I love it, love it, LOVE IT!! You were right Ty, it is fabulous.

If you are at all curious, go to amazon's website and take a look.
Watch the video at near the center of the page see a more complete tour of the Kindle.

Halloween 2008

The leaves are falling and the air is finally getting crisp. Autumn has finally arrived although we had a very warm Halloween this year. The wind wasn't blowing (JOY!) and it was mild enough that the kids didn't even need jackets for their trick or treating. Ah, bliss. Some years it has been ridiculously cold and horrific with blustering wind. This year was perfection.

We didn't make it to our church's "Trunk or Treat" this year because we were sick. This meant that on Halloween morning I had to scramble to the grocery store to buy candy last minute. Usually the boys get so much loot from church that we have more than enough to hand out on Halloween night. We always put our bowl on the porch with the scary witch ball and a sign asking people to only take one or two pieces. We can't man the door because both John and I like to go with the kids door to door. We have such good kids in our neighborhood and they never cease to amaze me when we come home and find that there is still candy left.

We went over to Grandma Hannon's house before we set out for the trick or treating adventure. She loves to load the kids up with treats and take pictures. The boys decided to hit a few houses in her neighborhood and stumbled onto the "greatest Halloween house ever" said both Jack and Harrison. Harrison got 7 full size candy bars from this one house as well as a container of PlayDough. Jack got 4 full size candy bars, 4 things of PlayDough and 3 other pieces of candy. We were so certain that they "helped" themselves but they assured us that the man had a tray and asked them what they liked then proceeded to hand them their loot. That house will forever go down in history.

We went over to Shauna's house so we could see the cute robot costumes that Ty had made for Oliver and Elliott. They were so cute and so detailed. They had gadgets, music, and all kinds of cool buttons and doodads. Ty did a fantastic job making them the cutest robots ever. Little baby Matilda was a kitty with a black tutu. She was too cute for words.

Our boys were so proud of their costumes especially since every male between the ages of 4 and 44 knew exactly who they were. They were Mario (Harrison) and Luigi (Jack) from the Nintendo Mario games. They got endless compliments and lots of great attention. They ate it up. We went into Safeway to buy them a trick or treat bucket and the employees went crazy for their costumes. Then the manager came up and gave them each a cute foil Halloween balloon. They strutted out of there with their heads held high.

Becca was the sweetest Little Red Riding Hood ever. Her costume fit her like a glove and she even wore her hood most of the time. I couldn't get her to carry her basket except for a quick picture I managed to take. She looked so precious. She lasted pretty well throughout the evening until the very end when John had to carry her home and put her in her stroller. She thought it was fabulous walking around at night and seeing all kinds of kids out and about. It was a good night!