Friday, December 19, 2008

Doors doors everywhere there's doors....

John doesn't have to work today so he and packed up Becca Boo and headed to Shauna's house to do some home improvement projects. It has been a door installation day. Shauna's door into the house from the garage had seen better days so she bought a new door for it. Her front door is a solid door with a non-functioning peep hole so she decided to replace it also with a beautiful new door with an oval plate of glass. It lets in a lot of light into her living room. It's freezing cold today so when John began by removing the garage door it made the house into an icebox. Brrr....the kids headed upstairs away from the drafty open doorway. Shauna, John and I toughed it out. It took almost three hours to demo the existing door frame and to replace it.
When that was done John headed to the front door hoping that the new door's hinges would match the old so he could just do a door swap. No such luck so it was demo part deux.

Ty just got home from work a little bit ago so that he and Shauna could take the family to Oliver's preschool for his Christmas open house. It is much quieter here now that they are gone. Now I'll I can hear is banging, the air compressor and sweet sweet silence. Becca Boo is asleep in Shauna's guest room. Bliss.

Even though Shauna and Ty have lived here for over a year now, it still blows my mind sometimes that we all live so close to one another. For years Shauna and I spoke almost daily during her commute to work. I would go to New Jersey to see her at least once a year and she would try to make it here also. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that we actually pulled it off; we live not only in the same state, not only in the same town, but within 5 minutes of each other. I am one happy girl. By the way, we still talk on the phone daily usually more than once a day.

I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away. I had the decorations up before Thanksgiving so you'd think that I'd be ready for it to be here but I'm not. I think the Gardner family's accident really changed up everything for so many people. Time has felt so weird and it feels like the season should be paused until we have good news about Brooke. I just don't feel the celebratory sparkle I normally feel. I'm just so worried about their family and what the future may hold.

My boys are starting to question Santa Claus' existence. I've done my best to make them believe but I don't know if they actually do. Jack especially is very suspicious. He keeps asking me question after question about the practicality of Santa's whereabouts and how he actually pulls it all off. It's so sad to feel that the innocence of their fantasy beliefs may be crumbling. I'm not ready to let it go.


Julianne said...

Look at your cute blog! I miss you guys.