Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Brrr......the temperature gauge in my car said it was 9 degrees pretty much all day today. Yesterday was also ridiculously freezing. We got about 4 inches of snow last night and this morning. In fact John shoveled our driveway at about 5:00am and then jumped in the shower. By the time he was ready to leave for work the driveway was covered again. I didn't bother to shovel. I just smooshed it down with the car so it could be a super slippery mess later. Okay, maybe that wasn't my intention, but that is what will happen since I am none too motivated to brave the cold and shovel it off. John is down in Denver till Thursday afternoon so it will be waiting for him I'm sure.

Becca was up so early this morning. I heard noise coming from her room at about 4:30am. I didn't let her out of her room until 6:30am and then I found out what had awakened her. Her diaper was messy. However, it wasn't loose at all which was a relief. After her bath she was full of energy and quite cheery. I had her all bundled up complete with snow boots on and in her car seat ready for carpool by 7:30am. By the time we picked up our carpool kids she was fast asleep. NOOOOOOO!!! She has preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays starting 8:30am. I knew I was going to rip her out of her toasty warm car seat and out of her peaceful slumber and I KNEW she wasn't going to be happy about it. She actually surprised me and wasn't as grumpy as I expected her to be. Probably because I whipped her out of her seat and carried her into school so fast that she didn't know what hit her. Poor baby. She was so out of it. She did well in school today though. The teacher said she was quite happy until she had to reprimand her for climbing on one of the other student's walkers. Becca tried to scratch her (I'm not sure exactly what she meant by that. I've never seen her do that. She usually tries to bite). When her teacher told her no, Becca looked in her eyes and popped out her bottom lip and began to cry. Her teacher was actually impressed that she responded to "no" and that she made eye contact. Apparently Becca was a hungry girl today too. She ate her GFCF snack I had packed and found a whole apple on the counter that she attacked as well. Nothing is safe from Becca Boo. You may think it's "out of reach", but if she sees it, she'll find a way to get it.

I went over to my sister Shauna's house this morning while Becca was in school. Poor Shauna has some dermatitis around her eye. Her eyelid and around the area was all puffy and pink. It looked sore and miserable. We had a nice visit if you don't mind 3 screeching little boys. Between Shauna's two little guys and the boy she babysits, it was mayhem. It brought back memories of my foray into babysitting. I don't miss it one bit! Still, we prevailed and had a nice chat. Matilda didn't wake up until about 15 minutes before I had to leave so I didn't get enough kissy, lovey time with my precious baby niece. Man, I love that baby girl!

Matilda has been Shauna and my movie buddy. Since Shauna is breastfeeding she goes wherever Shauna goes. She is going on 4 months old now, and so far we are still able to take her to movies with us with no problems. She has never fussed or been a problem. In fact, on Saturday we went to see "Bride Wars" and Matilda was awake almost the entire time. She sat happily on our laps, nursed a little and contentedly looked at the movie screen. She was a little distracting to me because I just can't help myself when I'm around her. I love holding her up to my face and talking to her. She is such a smiley happy little pumpkin. I love her madly!


The Cochran Buzz said...

Katie, I love reading your posts.
That is so fun that you live so close to Shauna! It makes me wish Sarah was just down the street.

The Diaz Family said...

I wonder at what point we'll actually do something without Matilda. Probably never at the rate I'm going. I really need to try to give her a bottle.

I'm glad Becca went to preschool so that we could chat. It was fun.